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With the exception of a convertible (and I am sure someone has done it) almost all cars, trucks, vans and side x sides can accept a roof top tent. Our current models are designed to fit sub-compact, crossovers full size trucks and SUVs as well as trailers.

To pick a model which is correct for your vehicle in both size and weight please refer to your vehicle manufacturer owner’s manual to determine the dynamic capacity the vehicle can support while driving down the road. Most vehicles like a full size SUV can top out at about 165 lbs. Warning: Never exceed the manufacturer’s recommended limits. Doing so can result in damage to the vehicle, increase the chance of a rollover or poor handling. However, when the vehicle is stopped, the static capacity of the roof increases up to 4 times the amount of the dynamic load.

Fold out tents such as the Side-Kick series transfers part of the static weight on to the ladder which folds down and the Navigator series, which pops straight up, does not transfer any of the weight of the tent off the roof while set up.

It is recommended you check the vehicle’s dynamic capacity as well as the cross bars the tent will mount to. Most factory installed cross bars are not sturdy enough to support the dynamic capacity of roof top tents. When purchasing an aftermarket rack for a vehicle it is recommended to determine the weight capacity of the cross bars and/or rails. Most of the major sellers of cross bars have vehicle fitting guides which will recommend the proper cross bars and feet for your specific roof or truck bed.

For the Global Road tents we recommend the following:

Side-Kick I – Crossovers, Medium to Large SUVs and Trucks

Side-Kick II – Medium to large SUVs and Trucks, Trailers

Navigator I – Medium to large SUVs and Trucks, Trailers

Navigator II – Crossovers, Medium to Large SUVs and Trucks, Trailers

Navigator III – Crossovers, Medium to Large SUVs and Trucks, Trailers

It is not recommended to install a roof top tent on a factory installed roof rack as these are typically not made to support the static weight of the tent and campers. There are good, aftermarket racks and towers readily available for most vehicle makes and models. There are also quite a few websites which will allow you to input your vehicles make and model to give you a choice of what will work on your specific vehicle.

Global Road Outdoors guarantees its products against any defects in materials used in the manufacture of our products, any defects in workmanship under normal use and any broken components under normal use for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase for the original owner.
For gear we sell the warranty is for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase against any defects in materials used in the manufacture of our products, any defects in workmanship under normal use and any broken components under normal use.

All claims must be accompanied by supporting evidence the product has not been abused or altered in anyway. Alteration of the product will void this warranty.

Global Road Outdoors will always attempt to repair the product or replace any broken parts using new or replacement parts at no cost to the original owner if the product is still under warranty. If it is determined the product cannot be fixed, the company will exchange the damaged product with a like or new product. Should the product not be available anymore, the company will provide the customer with a like replacement product or products.

As for replacement parts, should a part need to be replaced, please call the number below and we will do out best to get you a replacement as soon as possible. After the warranty has lapsed, we will still attempt to provide the owner with a replacement part at a nominal fee, plus the cost to ship the part.

Customer Service Line: 1-800-920-0098 or 501-661-9100

Shipping on our tents, tent accessories and trailers is free to the lower 48 states. unless a lift gate is required, there will be a $50.00 service fee. We can arrange to have the products shipped to your door or to in most cases a local warehouse in your area, where you can take delivery. The recommended form of delivery is to a local warehouse, as these items are oversize and you will have the ability to look over the crate and item to make sure no damage has occurred during transit. We also offer free pick up at our warehouse in Arkansas.
For Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico and other international destinations, please call our Customer Service Line: 1-800-920-0098 or 501-661-9100 or write for rates.

A rooftop tent does not require any special care. Below are several recommendations to ensure a life time of enjoyment from your Global Road tent.
It is recommended not the put the tent down and store it while it is damp. If there is not choice but to put the tent away when wet, it will need to be deployed again as soon as possible to let it dry out and prevent any mold or mildew from occurring. Cleaning can be done on the tops and bottoms at any carwash and for the side materials a simple solution of soap and water should clean the materials. It is recommended to re-apply a water-proof sealant over the soft material sections of the tents at least once a year, depending on the level of use.

During extensive periods of storage the tent might develop an odor. To get rid of this simply let the tent air out.

Care must also be taken is to check to make sure your tent is secure to your roof rack and your crossbars are secured to the towers.

Glossy White, Black and an Iridium Gray color for the hard shells.
The fabric material parts are tan and gray or all gray.

Yes. Occasionally we do have sample tents and accessories available for sale. Please check the website. Some of these items are like new and some will be slightly used.

Yes we do have several rental tents which must be picked up and returned to our facility in Arkansas. We do not supply crossbars, towers or racks. We will assist in securing the tent to your vehicle.
Rentals are on a minimum of 4 days and must be picked up and dropped off M-F unless special arrangements are made ahead of time.

In the spring of 2020 we also anticipate having the tent and trailer rental program to be up and running. Check back with us again for an update on this.

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