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Who are we?

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Us at a Glance

Life is an adventure. We started Global Road because of our love of the outdoors. Being river rats and fly-fishing addicts, we are always seeking out the next place to float, fish and camp. When getting off the water or venturing around National Forest and dirt roads in search of a waterfall or creek to fish and swim in, the problem at the end of the day of where to stay?

Well, pitching a tent on the ground in the dark, sleeping in the back of the rig, paying for a hotel room or driving hours back home have been the options over the years. Now, we can camp anywhere, even a parking lot! It is with the endless possibilities of such adventures we want you to let the WORLD BE YOUR DOORSTEP!

Our Mission

Global Road Outdoors is dedicated to giving our customers the best equipment, customer service and value possible. The company evolved out of our experiences and the desire to provide novice to expert explorers the opportunity get out and find their adventure in affordable, quality rooftop tents, accessories and trailers.

Our Vision

At Global Road Outdoors we know it is possible to provide great outdoor products at a reasonable price. We know this because we have been doing just that for nearly a quarter of a century in the outdoor industry. Our sights are set on saving customers their hard earned money and inspiring people to get outside, search out the wild and not so wild places by providing affordable, quality camping equipment for all levels of explorers.

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